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Why Teleperformance?
At Teleperformance we believe that the key to our success is people.
We are the world’s leading omnichannel management solutions for customer experience.

We are

Great Place to Work
Result of the constant achievement of challenges and the dedication obtained thanks to the incredible teamwork, energy and camaraderie.

We transform passion into excellence

As one of the main employers of the private sector, our strategy is to attract and retain the best people, as well as provide the best work environment. Inspiring our teams around the world is our challenge to get satisfied employees who create the best experience, satisfaction and customer retention.

We make equipment

In Teleperformance we cultivate a collaborative environment thanks to the participation of our workers in professional and social events.

We are committed to the development

Our human resources department fosters growth by supporting through specific training programs and professional careers

Multicultural environment

We are a company of people, cultures, languages ​​and experience

The future is ours

As a world leader in the sector, we lay the foundations for quality growth and continuous innovation

Proud of our values

Integrity, respect, professionalism, innovation, commitment and professionalism

Involved with our environment

We take a step further along with our workers in the development of social and environmental policies to improve our CSR

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Aenor Trust

Action protocols
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Additional disinfection
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Individualized temperature

Daily delivery of
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